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Baby Tummy Care
Baby Tummy Care
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Features and Benefits

  • IMMUNITY (immune booster) - An oil blend to keep germs away from your child & help to stimulate body defense
  • TUMMY (soothing tummy oil) - An oil blend to help soothe your child’s tummy trouble
  • BEDTIME (calming sleeping oil) - An oil blend for a more relaxed bedtime & promote good night’s sleep
  • SNIFFLES (congestion relief) - An oil blend to help ease your child’s congestion

• Pepermint Oil : Helps in digestive system.
• Eucalyptus Oil : Provides cooling efforts, reduces nausea, and can ease the stomach. 
• Lavender Oil : Provides a relaxing scent, enhances sleep quality.
• Coconut Oil (Dilute) : Moisturizes the skin, great absorption.

  • Contains 5 pieces of binder 
  • Ultimate comfort 
  • Soft & long lasting velcro 
  • Longer strings to fit different sizes 
  • Longer and wider than usual binders 
  • Special U-shaped cutting on the back (to keep binder clean) 
  • 5 pieces of binder 
  • Ultimate comfort 
  • Mixture of velcro & strings 
  • Easy breezy for travelling 
  • Very soft material