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  • Made of 100% Food Grade Polypropylene (PP) & Silicone

  • Safe & non toxic (BPA Free and Phthalates Free)

  • Collect and save more breastmilk throughout the day

  • Spout that eases transfer of breastmilk to a strerilised storage bottle/bag and promotes airflow

  • Fit comfortably to the breast

  • Help to protect sore nipples from friction

  • Reusable 

  • Easy to clean

  • Prevents milk from backing up into the tubing and pump. 
  • Set of two closed system freemie collection cuips with interchangeable 25mm and 28mm funnel sizes.
  • Compatible pumps: Freemie Liberty and Independence ,Philips Twin Electric ,Philips Comfort ,Ameda Purely Yours ,Ameda Purely Tours Ultra ,Unimom Forte ,Spectra M1, Spectra S1 Plus ,Spectra S2 Plus ,Spectra S1 ,Spectra S2 ,Spectra 9plus , Lucina Melodi Prime ARDO Calypso ,Evenflo Advanced
  • Concealed freemie collection cups give you true mobility and personal pumping freedom.
  • Backflow protection barrier to keep milk separated from tubing and pump.
  • Collects up to 8oz per cup, for a total of 16ounces!
  • Fits all Hegen containers.

  • Protects nutrients from oxidation and keeps breastmilk fresh.

  • Interconnecting buttons for enhanced stability to avoid messiness, toppling and spillage.

  • Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open, PCTO™ no screw thread one-hand closure for hassle-free handling.

  • Hassle-Free Cleaning: The smooth interior surface, wide bottle opening and minimal parts make cleaning exceptionally easy.


- Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open, PCTO™ innovation for hassle-free handling and avoiding spillage.

- Built-in anti-colic air vent reduces unwanted air intake.

- Off-centre teat enables your baby to feed in a natural upright position.

- Hassle-Free Cleaning: The smooth interior surface, wide bottle opening and minimal parts make cleaning exceptionally easy.


-Replacement seals for our breast-pump funnels, storage lids and adapters.

-Due to hygiene reasons and wear and tear, we recommend replacing these seals every 6 months.

-Allow our containers to be converted it into an air-tight and secured storage bottles. 

-Minimising the oxidation of precious nutrients and keeping its contents fresh.

  • Full Silicone Funnel
  • Leak free
  • Anti-backflow system
  • 27mm with 24mm insert
  • Compatible with most breast pumps
  • Made with food grade material
  • Convenient to use even in public
  • Up to 8oz of capacity per side
  • Replacement sparepart Silicon Breast Shield for Lacte breast pump.
  • Innovative oval shape optimised to fit your breast discreetly
  • Absorbent polymer core locks moisture in
  • Five layers of absorbency in less than 2 mm of thickness
  • Soft, hypoallergenic lining keeps you comfortable and dry
  • Flexible leak-guard prevents milk from escaping at sides
  • 100% purified water 
  • 100% clean cotton 
  • 2 pieces per pack, 40 packs per box 
  • Sterilized individually wrapped package 
  • Elevated ridges raise breast pump parts above water and allow for quick drying.
  • Two unique cleaning brushes specifically designed for breast pump parts.
  • Brushes store neatly and stand up automatically when Rack is opened.
  • Folds for compact, discreet storage in diaper bags, suitcases and breast pump bags.
  • Round brush perfect for breast shields, valves and connectors. 
  • Detail brush ideal for threads, small holes and crevices.