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Breastfeeding Aid
Breastfeeding Aid
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  • Breathable and luxuriously soft
  • Complete coverage front & back
  • Security and privacy
  • One size fits all
  • Flatteringly cut and beautifully sewn
  • More comfortable and breastfeeding despite flat or inverted nipples
  • Snug, comfortable fit
  • Discreet appearance under clothing

- It can be used by mums who have or think they have a low milk supply

- It helps to stimulate the mum’s milk supply through direct sucking at the breast

- It can be used when there is a requirement for supplements in addition to breast milk

- It trains the baby to suck properly by creating a vacuum at the breast

  • Wrap around nursing pillow design secures to the body helping mom and baby maintain positioning and latch-on
  • Back rest helps you maintain good posture during nursing and prevents sore back and neck
  • Firm, flat cushion keeps baby from rolling when nursing
  • Adjustable, silent-release strap fits moms or dads comfortably and unlatches without waking baby
  • Arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress
  • Convenient pocket keeps water bottles, burp cloths, phone, and other nursing accessories or items within reach
  • Wraps around the waist for secure fit. 
  • Machine washable.
  • Comfortable