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Luma Touch Zeus Baby Multifunctional Sterilizer and Milk Warmer
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Brand Luma Touch
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 18 cm x 30 cm
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  • 2 in 1 baby bottle sterilizer and dryer with LCD panel screen
  • 15 -20 Mins Sterilize Process
  • 25 -40 Mins Drying Process
  • 40 -60 Mins Sterlize + Dryer
  • 20 mins Lengthen Drying Process
  • With its 500W power in sterilizing and 200W in drying, this sterilizer can complete its work efficiently. We design this sterilizer with accurate temperature and time for you, which can be easy to operate and show the process with LCD monitor.
  • Made of food grade PP material and an dry-fire protection system can disconnect power sources when there is no water on the device, set ideal time and temperature to sterilize baby products such as bottles, nipples, spoons, etc. and protects your baby from germs or bacteria.
  • Mummy need to understand chinese words coz LCD panel is mandarin wording.
  • Worry free for mummy with this fast, efficient and intelligent device

Our 6 in 1 LUMATOUCH ZEUS Multi-Function Baby Milk Warmer, saves your time on warm baby milk and money as it takes over the job of multiple appliances. Harnessing its power from SCR 2.0 High Frequency core & T-sensor IC 3.0 module heating technology from Germany, this enables the warmer to quickly yet safely heat milk in an energy-efficient manner. If you’re concern about bacteria forming, the sterilizer will do just the trick right away. 

6 in 1 Baby Milk Warmer features :

1  Warm Milk
Our warmer circulates warm water around bottles placed inside. This gentle method ensures even heating, and it doesn’t take too long either.

2  Keep Warm
Milk or baby food is warmed slowly, and kept warm at the right temperature for when you need it.

3  Warm Food 
As well as baby bottles, you can also use the bottle warmer to gently and evenly warm baby food.

4  Sterilize
Steam sterilizes small items to kill harmful germs.

5  Defrost
The bottle warmer features a handy defrost setting. Simply select the setting to defrost frozen milk or baby food.

6  Quick Warm
The bottle warmer will warm 5 oz of milk in just 7 minutes.

with one year warranty!

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Luma Touch Zeus Baby Multifunctional Sterilizer and Milk Warmer X1